A+ Records: Hotdog Eating Sp.

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Desenvolvedor: Nerv Technology

Up to 4 player can complete within the same wifi network

Complete against each other over the internet

Hot Dog Eating Contest begins now, come and challenge yourself and find out how many hot dogs you can eat!

A+ Records:Hotdog Eating is a Hot Dog Eating Contest, you need to swing your equipment continuously and imitate the motion of eating a hot dog. The faster you swing, the faster you can finish eating a hot dog. Besides swinging the equipment, you need to also imitate the motion of drinking water in order to help swallow the hot dog. This game is a test of patience and skill of time control.

This game consist of 3 modes: Time Attack, Challenge and Wifi battle :

Time Attack - Challenge yourself or compete with others from all over the World and see how many hot dogs can be eaten in 60 seconds. Your results and your competitors can be recorded and ranked in our World A+ Hot Dog Eating Contest Record via internet.

Challenge - Battle with a competitor from anywhere around the World via internet. The score will be entered into our World A+ Hot Dog Eating Contest Record.

Wifi battle-Battle your friends using Wifi, you can organize and simultaneously have a mini A+Hot Dog Eating Contest with a maximum of 4 people. Battle your friends and find out who can eat the most hot dogs!

All of you, get ready with warm up exercises, join the challenge and become the champion of the A+ Hot Dog Eating Contest.

-Exciting Hot Dog Eating Contest
-Simple but interesting game
-3 different game modes
-Compete with challengers from around the World via internet
-Support mini contest up to 4 people using Wifi
-Ranking in the Online World Ranking

For technical support or any inquiries about the game, please email iphone-support@cdegame.com.

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